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mixed media assemblages
In this body of work I use my own photographs, acrylic paint and intriguing found items juxtaposed in such a way that their familiar contexts are broken down and powerful new emotional associations come into being.
I create these works using two different compositional styles: a geometric approach or a looser blend of overlapping elements. The geometric compositions are made of opposing or complementary panels that suggest a storyboard narrative with each panel telling a different piece of the story: for example, a red painted section with a piece of found metal is placed with photos of blurry urban landscapes or a strip of text from a found stock report book runs along two panels that frame a found figurine of a dog. The elements say one thing individually, yet placed together the message is more complicated and less certain. Personal associations spontaneously arise in the viewer in an attempt to understand the whole and to complete the story.
In the loose, overlapping compositions a similar effect is achieved, yet the meaning is even more uncertain. The disparate elements are placed in one field of interaction often with a thin, fidgety line connecting them at the edge of the piece and with generous empty space in the center, both of which draw the eye in a circle to revisit each element again and again. I also use line-painted overlays of figures such as animals, botanicals or machines as the linear element that draws the other elements into a cohesive composition. These pieces are more like pictures of a state of mind, a distracted, half-conscious state containing a jumble of unrelated things: scraps of memory, fleeting impressions, thoughts and feelings that float in a disassociated mix.
Whether simple geometric or loose, seemingly random compositions, the effect is to ask the viewer to see things in a new way. Everyday items like, string, old hardware, leather or scraps of paper give a sense of the familiar, yet when placed with seemingly unrelated photos, painted sections or imagery, the meanings are open to interpretation and the viewer must draw their own conclusions and complete their own story. 



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